Press and Praise

Khadija has been the DJ for my family for years! My daughter requests her and she always delivers. There has never been an occasion that she has DJ’d an event for me and everyone wasn’t on their feet the entire time. She is professional. She’s fun. And she always takes the occasion, no matter what it is, to another level. I’ve been at weddings, birthday parties, and fashion shows with her as the DJ, and I would honestly never have an even without her.

- Scema

I had attended a few events that booked KD as a host and/or DJ and each one was AMAZING thanks for her interaction with the crowd and infectious character. So when it came time for us to choose a wedding dj we KNEW it could ONLY be KD. From the time we signed the contract, pre wedding meetings and her willingness to accomdate our "guest request" playlist...she was on board and all in. Her musical knowledge and cultural diversity made my husband's family more than comfortable, she kept the dance floor rockin- for ALL guests in attendance. I can't say enough how much we enjoyed our reception and how we STILL have guests raving about her crazy character and impromptu Jamaican translation. Thank you again Khadija, you will ALWAYS be our #1 pick and more importantly highly referred for any/every event.

- Paul & Marjorie

Khadia is the FIRST DJ I call for every event! She always comes with positive vibes and high energy levels to keep the party 'LIT' no matter how late it is! Her music is up to date and she can give you any genre you need. KD can DJ an event for any age and culture. Y'all better book her TODAY!

- Chiquitia

In 2016 Khadija donated her time and services to host and DJ an event that I was part of called the Investment. It was a community project that provided healthy resources, food, book bags and school supplies to families in the community. Khadija helped the event run smoothly and kept all the kids hype. She is amazing at what she does!

- Tyiahnna